CIT 382

Attachments and Accessories

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NEW Power Nozzle and Attachments, Save $100 by upgrading!!!

CIT 382
  • More Reach! Five inches more hose! This durable yet flexible wire reinforced hose is actually 5 inches longer than our old hose!
  • No wires or cords to deal with! The auto-snap connections mean no-hassle electrical connections between the hose, wand and Power Nozzle.
  • Fits in Smaller Spaces! Our new 75th Anniversary Power Nozzle was engineered with a sleek low profile design for optimum maneuverability.
  • Deeper Cleaning Power! The rotating chevron style brush is powered by its own motor for powerful deep cleaning.
  • Longer Lasting Belt! The new gear belt won't slip and is designed to be long lasting.
  • Additional Filtration! The Motor Emission Filter is designed to filter incoming and outgoing air. The filter captures any carbon released from the motor.
  • Superior Edge Cleaning! Designed to clean from the front and side. Any dirt surrounding the nozzle is literally snatched up by the powerful edge cleaning ability.
  • Gentle on Furniture and Baseboards! The doublewide rubber bumper is designed to protect the items in your home.
  • New Safety Feature! The automatic shut off and reset button will protect the motor from over heating.
  • Hose Handle Designed for Comfort! The ergonomically designed “comfort grip” hose handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The swivel hose allows you to rotate the handle from side to side.
  • Superior Performing Attachments! We've made some important design changes to these attachments, which means better performance. The set includes dusting brush, upholstery/drapery brush, crevice tool, floor brush, and attachment crown.
  • 14-inch Floor Brush

    CIT 382 This bare Floor Brush features an extra-wide cleaning capability. Lightweight and maneuverable, the Floor Brush is safe for any bare floor surface, including hardwood, parquet, linoleum, and ceramic tile.

    Air Glider

    CIT 382 Our top selling accessory! Lightweight and maneuverable, the Air Glider Turbo Nozzle is ideal for cleaning stairs, furniture, mattresses, drapes, and more. The air driven nozzle features exceptional power for cleaning those specialty areas of your home.

    Pet Brush

    CIT 382 The unique Pet Brush may be used as a pet-grooming device or as an invigorating scalp massager. Removes pet dander and loose hairs!

    NEW Flexible Crevice Tool

    CIT 382 Forget having to move large pieces of furniture with your new Flexibel Crevice Tool. Now you can quickly clean under and around furnishings and appliances, above drapes, and on high shelves. This versatile tool has a long, flexible vinyl wand allowing you to reach into tight areas without marking surfaces. Includes detachable brush for loosening dirt.

    Mini Blind Brush

    CIT 382 Take the hassle out of cleaning mini blinds with Filter Queen’s Mini Blind Brush. To remove dust fast and effectively, simply attach the brush to your Majestic and begin cleaning. The Mini Blind Brush cleans six blinds at one time with its powerful brushing action.

    Mini-Vac Attachment Kit

    CIT 382 Featuring small sized brushes and tools for cleaning in small places. This unique kit is ideal for cleaning household items such as computer keyboards, stereo, and video equipment.

    Home Scents - Fragrances for your Majestic

    CIT 382 Add any of these pleasant scents to the air in your home and enjoy! (Can be used alone or with the Air Deodorizer.) Each 2 oz. bottle will last up to one year depending on usage. Fragrences are available in:
    Strawberry Apple Spice Peach Magnolia Cinnamon Lavender Eucalyptus Lemon Rose Pine Vanilla Citrus Cucumber Melon Island Breeze


    Call 1-877-286-5921 for pricing information.
    CIT 382 The innovative Circulaire attachment provides a flow of clean, fresh air to a home's problem areas, such as closets, storage, and pet areas. Fits right on top of the Filter Queen Majestic. Point the Circulaire towards a corner to direct airflow!

    Hose Holder

    CIT 382 Screws easily into the wall of a closet or pantry. Provides a convenient place to store your hose safely. By using this you ensure the life of your hose from rips and cracks.


    Call 1-877-286-5921 for pricing information.
    CIT 382 When emptying the dirt container or storing your Filter Queen Majestic, insert the Medi-cap onto the suction inlet, thus preventing dirt and dust from leaking into the air.

    Tip: Never store your Filter Queen Majestic with the hose attached to the Power Nozzle wand. It puts unnecessary strain on the hose and could cause it to eventually tear. Take a look at our wall mounted hose holder!