CIT 382

Troubleshooting for your Filterqueen Majestic
Common problems might be:

* Clogged hose:
o To fix just take the Filterqueen outside, take the hose and plug it into the top exhaust and turn it on high. MAKE SURE YOU'RE OUTSIDE because there will be dangerous and harmful depris coming out of the hose. Also make sure there are no attachments attached to the hose.


o Take a broom handle and run it though the hose. Also do this outside for the same reasons.

* Powerhead will not pick anything up:
o Dissconnect the powerhead from the hose and look through the connection port hole. Many times something small might get caught in there and all you have to do is take it out.


o Check the bottom of the powerhead. There should be screws holding it together, make sure all of those are tight to ensure proper air flow though the powerhead.


o The motor is broken or a piece within the powerhead could be broken causing improper air flow. Please see our contact information and call for information on how to get that fixed.

* Suction problems and clogged filters:
*see clogged hose and powerhead above*
This is usually a very easy and simple fix. Mainly caused by clogged filters.

  • Take your Filterqueen outside
  • unlatch the clips on the side of the unit to expose the filters inside.
  • Take the interior filter of the 2, (it is black on the outside with charcoal and white on the inside) place it aside. That should leave you with your white prefilter and all debris in the canister.
  • Dump that filter and all debris in an outside garbage can.
  • Replace that white prefilter with a new one and place that black charcoal filter inside of your new prefilter.
  • When putting the unit back together make sure the 3 white tabs of the new prefilter stick out when you put the top back on.
  • Latch it all back together (don't forget to latch the wheels as well). Suction should be restored.
  • Button clip replacement:

    Click here: Button Clip Replacement Instructions.

    If these common fixes don't work please call us at 1-877-286-5921 for a service assistant.