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A Review of Filter Queen Vacuum Cleaners

Filter Queen vacuums have been around for 80 years. They provide excellent cleaning for the whole house and caters to your every cleaning need. FilterQueen is known to last 30 to 40 years or more.
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FilterQueen vs Rainbow

Rainbow is not supported by ANY asthma or breathing problem organization-nor do they post any inofrmation on the so called effectiveness of their product-Filter Queen states their effectivness as well as the endorsement from the AAN.AM(Allegey and Asthma Network/Mother of Asthmatics)I used to sell them and they stop snoring- prevent fleas, are used in Hatcheries to purify the air as to keep birds disease free and give them a better chance at life, not to mention the air opurification on the home- I have had many people that bought one that had breathing problems-some fatal... say how much it helped them just by running it one hour a day to filter the air--And the cleaning abilities of this machine is UNMATCHED.......We demostarted the suction power and always won against Kirby and Rainbow.... ALWAYS.. I used mine for construction clean up also---The sludge at the bottom of Rainbow is MUD and stinks it not changed everytime.. No Comparison... FILTER QUEEN all the WAY!!!
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